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Letter: One side of the story

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I find it very interesting that a story is on the front page of the May 18 newspaper, even if it was below the fold, that offered only one side of the story. The accused was not interviewed, witnesses were not interviewed, only the accuser got his story out there, as far-fetched as it was.

Since when is yelling at someone a crime, but it was okay for the accuser to be bad-mouthing another candidate for the BOS? Anyone who knows Mike Walls knows this is a bogus trumped-up complaint to what further the accuser’s political agenda?

Considering we, as taxpayers, are constantly getting selective news coverage from the mainstream media, I don’t think it is too much to ask not to have to put up with such “journalism” on the local stage. If the whole story can’t be reported, isn’t it nothing but a gossip page?

Candy SanfordCobbs Creek, Va.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As noted in the final paragraph of the May 18 article, which was based on court records, “Neither Wal...

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