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Letter: One fraudulent vote is all it takes

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Our newly elected State Senator Lynwood Lewis seemed to share many of our concerns during his recent Town Hall forum in Mathews, but I still have misgivings about the most contentious issue discussed: Voter ID. In answering a question, Senator Lewis said he could not support photo ID, as required by recent Virginia law, unless voter fraud was “rampant’” because it would have a “chilling effect” on voter turnout. He said, “The number of Virginians who do not have a photo ID would blow your mind!” A few in the audience further developed the theme by hurling the common insult of having “no heart for the poor.”

This argument is seriously flawed because surely these very people our friends on the left profess to care so much about are the people in our community who may need to avail themselves of government or community assistance programs. If the poorest among us really could not acquire an ID, they would sta...

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