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Letter: One Country, One Plan

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We all knew about this virus, COVID-19, in January. We need the president to be honest with us. We need the president to lead with competence and strength. We need the president to listen to the scientists and health experts.

We are a country made up of 50 states. All states are on their own as to how to deal with COVID-19.

Some states are harder hit than others at this time. Some governors take this virus seriously and are doing all they can to take care of their citizens. Some governors aren’t taking it as seriously, to the detriment of their citizens.

The virus is in all 50 states. It could continue to get worse as people travel from state to state.

The governors should not have to compete with other states for medical supplies. This only causes prices for those needed supplies to keep rising. This is very wrong. They shouldn’t have to compete for favoritism from the president either. That is wrong too.

So it should make total sense, we sh...

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