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Letter: On the climate, trust the scientists

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Now that the global warming debate has slowed, thought this would be a good time to summarize. Climate deniers usually hate big government and scientists. I am not fond of big government either; I am trusting of most scientists. Corporations are interested in applied science for product development; however, corporations leave most basic research to government, which uses either government scientists or government contracts to university scientists and some corporate scientists. The scientists are working on the high-risk cutting edge of science—so give them a break!

Global climate warming concerns was not how it began, but it began with the idea of how well could we predict climate. If we could predict areas of winter cold, we would know where to allocate the most heating fuel. If we could predict dry or wet areas, we could investigate where to allocate drought-resistant crops and where to allocate water-resistant crops. Then suddenly the concern for c...

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