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Letter: On government and religion

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

What is Caesar’s or, better yet, what do we want it to be? I recently wrote a letter where I tried to remind one of your readers even the Bible claims Christ knew on Earth government played a role in the lives and well-being of its people. Mr. Maggard’s letter (“Limiting Caesar,” Oct. 29 Readers’ Write) expresses his opinion on how the government interferes with religion.

Religion, or the free expression thereof (stole that), means you can believe what you want and practice it in your personal life. It does not mean you have a right to impose it on others. To impose your beliefs in the public arena by refusing others their rights is unconstitutional and un-American. The Supreme Court has spoken on this; they’re the guys the founders you speak of put in place to resolve issues such as this.

The Bible does speak often of helping our fellow man, but does not claim to be the sole source. While you do have to contribute, you do...

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