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Letter: Offended by candidate’s ‘comic’ ad

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mr. Ramos, your artistic portrayal of each of your respected competitors in the board of supervisors race was absolutely the rudest, most unnecessary and ruthless slander that many Gazette readers have ever witnessed here in Mathews County.

Mr. Ingram deserves the honor and respect of our citizens to campaign on his 20 years of dedication and accomplishments in representing us as a supervisor, not as a comical slur.

You viewed Mrs. Casey and Mr. Beattie as candidates who only cared about the budget and hunting, while in reality both of these candidates volunteered many of their free hours to our high school and Little League sports programs this year, bonding themselves to the future of Mathews, our children.

A question here also is that, if a law-abiding outdoorsman is just a slandering photo in your mind, then why does your business offer a first-place prize for the most amount of collision damage with a deer? Let me guess … to pad and protec...

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