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Letter: Of glaciers, icebergs and ice cubes

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In her letter to the editor of May 3 ("Simple experiment refutes sea level rise"), Sue Long refutes the idea that sea level rise results, in part, from the melting of glaciers. She cites a kitchen experiment of filling the glass with water and ice cubes and returning later to a glass that is free of ice cubes with no rise in the level of the water in the glass; i.e., no sea level rise.

Her experiment would be valid if she was referencing the melting of icebergs. Icebergs floating in the ocean=ice cubes in the glass of water. Glaciers are ice on land. I suggest to Ms. Long that she conduct another experiment that will demonstrate to her the severe and real danger of glacial melting: fill a glass to the rim with water and add ice cubes. Immediately she will see the danger when glacial (land) ice breaks off into our oceans.

Bob Wohlfort

Susan, Va.

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