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Letter: Observations

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Some people drive cars and talk on phones.

Some people say, follow the science and support abortion.

Some people say, you are not just male and female.

A teacher lost their job for not addressing a child as a cat.

Men are sent to women’s prison, some are now pregnant.

Some stores will let a male into any changing/restroom in the store and it is company policy.

Males are playing female sports and beating them out of scholarships, what does science say?

A dog is allowed in a car to jump in your lap while you are driving.

A dog can enter a store full of strangers.

I have seen food sent back over a human hair in it.

I know how dogs act, sniff, lick, eat and what they roll on and in, very proudly.

Animals have hair and dander that the HVAC filter traps if you purchase the right one costing more.

Animals are your pets, protecting you and your property, why would I want to shop or eat with them?

Dogs kill 50 people a year and...

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