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Letter: Obama’s attack ads not intellectually honest

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Over the past month, I, as all Virginians, have been saturated with Obama’s ads on Bain Capital and Mitt Romney. Frankly, while many of the ads are entertaining, they are not intellectually honest.

President Obama has begun his negative ad campaign too early. Of course, this is due to the fact that the Obama people are worried. While some polls (NYT/Gallup) have him winning with 300 or more electoral votes, other, more reliable polls have this race down to the wire (Rasmussen). I am one who firmly believes the race will be decided by three or four key states. Florida is a must win for Romney; he should choose Marco Rubio to be his running mate. Ohio and New Hampshire are key as well. Romney has made significant progress in both states. Finally, the Old Dominion may very well select the next president.

All of these things make any voter look at Obama’s record. Using his own sources, the Office of Management and Budget (, wh...

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