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Letter: Obama’s anti-Christian agenda

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Since Day 1, Obama endlessly uses his position to deny constitutional rights to Christians. One of many is making a mandatory law that all medical personnel must partake in abortions, though their viewpoint is in opposition.

Another example on his hatred of Christianity is that he is the only U.S. president to deny a military flyover during its 42nd annual "God & Country" rally in Idaho, where new recruits and the United States military are honored, and his reasoning was because the event was of a "Christian nature."

But yet, he incessantly announces Muslims’ religious freedoms and praises them for what they have done for the U.S.! The anti-American, anti-Christian and pro-Muslim agenda is crystal clear to those who aren’t color blind. Misuse of this power to favor one group but deny others is a clear violation of the oath he took, which was "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" &hell...

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