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Letter: Obama should be impeached

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Obama is demonstrating all the traits usually found in fascist regimes in that he singles out his political enemies for focused retribution and then sends out his political hit men to destroy them regardless of either tradition or the law.

Witnessing this is rather odd as liberalism itself is impossible without the assumption that all men are reasonable and generally disapprove of rhetorical references to violence. Perhaps liberalism has concluded if conflict disappears, then so does the main business of politics. This in itself may produce a conundrum of conflict within the liberal mind. Assuming that people are basically rational, can they not be taught that violence and selfishness are self-defeating?

The politics of modern liberalism is centered upon an attempt at a permanent removal of all pretexts for conflict. Politics thus entails a need for the skill of a special sort, a readiness to negotiate rather than to impose a rule by force.


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