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Letter: Obama not putting America first

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Obama is in his second term, more than enough time to have learned the ropes, to actually know what it takes to be “the president.” But his behavior, his actions, have made many believe that he is either confused or deliberately stalling positive growth by refusing to respect what our Constitution requires from him. Even when Congress tries to work with him he finds a way to kill the deal and as always, blames any problem on Republicans or his favorite target, President George W. Bush!

No adult expects the president to be even close to perfect, we know better, but at the age of 75 I do know the difference between those who can put America first and those who put themselves first. Obama is one who makes it all about him. Listen to his choice of words when speaking—if he thinks something positive is happening, he refers to “his administration” and what “he” did, but if thinks it is not, then he rapidly blames ...

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