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Letter: Obama has become a war criminal

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The president, Barack Obama, has become a war criminal due to his illegal military actions in Libya. Libya is in a civil war and has not attacked any other nation. The illegal attacks ordered by President Barack Obama, in collusion with the U.N., without either Congressional approval or a declaration of war or an open attack on U.S. Armed Forces constitute a war crime.

It is an unconstitutional act and treasonable offense—an impeachable offense.

The Joint Chiefs must also be removed from office as they have not honored their oath to defend the Constitution and this is dereliction of duty.

Failure by Congress to pursue impeachment of President Obama is also dereliction of duty and would certainly be an extremely dangerous precedent.

The nation has increasingly lurched towards an irresolvable Constitutional crisis and is on the verge of anarchy due to the completely irresponsible refusal of the government in Washington to obey the law, and its a...

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