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Letter: Obama had his chance and blew it

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In my lifetime, I cannot recall a presidential election that was as important to the future of this country as the one this November. Mr. Obama and his party were given the opportunity to, in his words, bring us together as a people, be the most transparent administration ever, and fundamentally change America. Instead, he has divided us more than ever with his class warfare and his racial/social division tactics. There has been absolutely zero transparency in this administration where legislation is passed before being read and laws bypassed to suit his agenda. We are trillions of dollars more in debt with nothing to show for it but a failing economy that will not survive another four years of his irresponsible spending.

Fundamental change, it turns out, appears to be a path to a socialist welfare state, which is something I am convinced is his goal for this country. Democrats can cry foul all they want, but Mr. Obama is more about socialism than he is a...

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