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Letter: Obama critics do not take joy in failures

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was dismayed to see Obama critics cast as "dogs rolling in mud" and somehow taking pleasure ("celebrating the scandals") in the president’s grossly inept leadership—editorial comments that appeared under the headline "Change" (June 20 editorial).

I am firmly in the camp of Obama critics, but I can tell you that I (we) take no pleasure whatsoever in what is happening to our beloved U.S.A. Do you think that I (we) enjoy the fact that this country, once the economic leader of the world, has not had a working budget for the past eight years, is drowning in daily-mounting debt, and we know it is the president’s responsibility to procure, through executive leadership and compromise, a national, domestic budget, regardless of legislative bickering about it?

Do you think I (we) feel in any way vindicated when terrorists kill an ambassador and soldiers (beloved sons) on our sovereign soil in a foreign land and his Secretary of State responds ...

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