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Letter: Not simply asking questions

Editor, Gazette Journal:

Once again we heard from a citizen from the community (“Egregious behavior,” May 25 Readers Write) concerning the School Board of Gloucester County. It seems like the writer was asking for apologies from current and past members for being deceptive, tyrannical and unlawful.

The writer feels these apologies are in order because of the “horrid way Mr. Post was treated for merely asking questions.” After attending school board meetings I can tell anyone that Mr. Post was not simply asking questions. He was combative to board members, he tried his best to disrupt meetings, and caused all kinds of chaos.

His latest attempt to delay the hiring of a new superintendent is just another example of his inexperience and false concern for students and staff in this county. He says he “believes that education should cultivate unity” but while at public meetings he is not unified with the board on which he sits.

Mr. Post felt it was necessary to record proceeding...

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