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Letter: Not American enough?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Remember when all the birther nonsense came about with Barack Obama being elected president? Remember that the president had to show his birth certificate to stop this nonsense talk? Remember that there was a lot of disrespect toward President Obama, but there was no proof that he wasn’t born an American?

Now there is this nonsense talk that President Obama isn’t really American. Or he’s not American enough, or he doesn’t know how to be American. His ideas are too foreign.

Well now there might be something to that kind of talk. Perhaps if President Obama had millions in the Cayman Islands and millions in Bermuda, he would be more American. Oh yes, and if he only had a Swiss bank account he’d really be an American in good standing.

By the way, didn’t George Romney, Mitt Romney’s father, run for president in the late 1960s? Wasn’t he born in Mexico? Where were the birthers then? Or did they just come out o...

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