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Letter: Not all new ideas are welcome here

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Having been afforded the exceptional opportunity of being raised in Mathews County has afforded me with something of a local perspective of the unique life and culture of Mathews County. The many kind and gracious people of Mathews consistently afford newcomers courtesy, respect and a sincere welcome. That is not to say that they are so ready to accept a philosophy and a lifestyle that differ dramatically from their own. In some instances this courtesy and respect are viewed by newcomers as compliance and acquiescence to whatever a newcomer may be proposing.

It comes as no surprise, when the locals can no longer tolerate some of the utter foolishness that has been imported into the county, the locals find themselves described as backward and uneducated, resistant to change. Fortunately due to the unique geography of Mathews County it is a bit difficult to pass through Mathews. The road leading
in also leads out.

To those that hold the view that they kn...

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