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Letter: Not a bump in the road

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I wanted to commend several gentlemen on their quick action, but first I need to describe the situation.

On Jan. 22, I was checking off my errands for the day and went to the P.O. as always. After parking the car on the street I proceeded to walk to the building. Suddenly I found myself flat-face on the sidewalk. Stunned, I wondered what I was doing prone on the brick. My legs were stretched out behind me, my hands flat on the rough surface, push-up style, and my face and nose were in contact with hard stone. I lay there for a moment dazed.

Then, suddenly there appeared two gentlemen asking if I was “OK?” I really did not know if I was or not and don’t know if I answered their question. After a few seconds, I pushed up to my elbows and leaned back on my knees. That was a mistake, as I had fallen on my right knee as I was descending to the pavement, my ribs were hurting, but I saw no blood.

The two gentlemen supported my arms as I stood on ...

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