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Letter: No unification between good and evil

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was saddened to hear about the Christian Medical Missionaries murdered in northern Afghanistan within the month. Among those killed were Tom Little, an optometrist from New York, and Karen Woo, a British surgeon. The doctors had finished their work and were returning to Kabul at the time of the attack. Dr. Woo wrote before her death that she realized the expedition would require a lot of physical and mental resolve and would not be without risk. The Taliban took credit for these murders.

Another American martyred while engaged in missionary work some 50-plus years ago wrote in his journal, "One of the great blessings of heaven is the appreciation of heaven on earth. He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." That missionary was Jim Elliot, who also wrote the following: "Eternity shall be at once a great eye-opener and a great mouth-shutter. It shall be the Rectifier of all injustice, the Confirmer of Martyr&...

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