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Letter: No secret in God’s word

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In regards to previous articles of “The Bible Speaks,” I recognize the lab rat conditioning of many Christians concerning Jesus’ birth. Just as the Bible speaks of “a dog returns to lick up its own vomit,” the church has continued for centuries to “lick up” what the government-controlled Roman church started, the compromising of God’s word in favor of man’s traditions using pagan deities, celebrations and dates to combine that which God spoke against, righteousness with unrighteousness.

Jesus’ birthday is no secret and was foretold in the Old Testament. Christians starting the church knew this and celebrated as God instructed even in the New Testament. A simple study of scripture keeps one from being deceived. Study the meanings and dates of the “three” main Old Testament feasts God said to remember and observe “forever” and through “all” generations. Study the &ld...

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