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Letter: No place for bullies in our community

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Nobody cares for a bully—there is no place for bullies in our community. This applies to individuals who create a hostile work, living, or governance environment, as well as businesses and corporations who take advantage of the elderly, the less fortunate, the less educated, and the less informed.

This year I would like to challenge our community to reward those small, medium, and large businesses in our community that have business philosophies, practices, and ideals that are stellar—that are exemplary—that are customer-driven and customer-focused and customer-worthy—and give them the lion’s share of our business. Buy local! They deserve it! Let us reward them for a job well done, day in and day out, year in and year out!  Support them with your praise—support them with your purchases.

It is time that we shut down the small, medium, and large businesses (and corporations) that only think about the bottom line, and pu...

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