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Letter: No lightning bolts

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

To folks that tend to invoke God’s horrible wrath to justify electoral choices and various worldly disasters, I submit this view of God from renowned priest and author Richard Rohr:

“The God imaged by Jesus exerts no dominating supremacy. In Christ, we see an image of a God who is not armed with lightning bolts but with basin and towel, who spewed not threats but good news for all, who rode not a warhorse but a donkey, weeping in compassion for people who do not know the way of peace. In Christ, God is supreme, but not in the old discredited paradigm of supremacy: God is the supreme healer, the supreme friend, the supreme lover, the supreme life-giver who self-empties in gracious love for all.”

I embrace this picture of God.

Good news for all.

No lightning bolts.


Chuck BridgesNorth, Va.

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