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Letter: Next?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was somewhat surprised that an ostensibly learned man (after all he credentialed himself a PhD) intentionally skewed so many flawed facts in his letter to the G-J (“Will we be next?” Oct. 25 Readers Write). 

He would lead us to believe (in classical Goebbels fashion) that we, the USA, are on the road to perdition if we vote anything but liberal next week. In a desultory rant about the “the incumbent in the Oval Office” (how unnecessarily disdainful) the “doc” generalizes that the president “tells us to ignore facts and science” but “doc” never explains which facts or science. “Doc” further accuses, “he attacks freedom of the press,” again with no explanation but I would assume that would be the POTUS continuing to expose the “fake news” fed to us by the mass news media, which include embellished stories of children taken from their parents, and the other ins...

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