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Letter: New leadership a must

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Too much of current “blue” leadership at all levels of government must be replaced at every opportunity. Our republic cannot continue down multiple paths of destruction at urban, state and especially at the federal level.

Government has the primary responsibility to provide a modicum of safety to its citizens through law enforcement and an effective justice system applied to all violators of our laws equally without exempting anyone or any group for any reason. Once selected groups become exempt from enforcement, anarchy is openly invited. Too much of that has occurred at the federal level. The president has set this example as has the attorney general. This is an open invitation to impeachment should the midterm elections change the party in power of the House and Senate. Should happen to restore the respect for law. We’re currently treading a dangerous path with the loss of respect for law.

Refusing to provide security for Supreme Court justices as ...

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