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Letter: National heritage must be instilled in citizens

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Too many citizens have paid too little attention to the circumstances that created our nation. It took faith, courage, sacrifice and hard work to earn our rightful status as a sovereign nation.

Is our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and our founding history adequately taught in our schools? Our founding fathers warned us through their writings that we must teach our children and each subsequent generation about the virtues of our founding if we are to maintain our system of government, a republic (a representative democracy) based on the Constitution of the United States. They told us that religion must be part of our education if we are to retain our liberty. What happened to that concept? And why have our federal and state “educational experts” shunned teaching what our founding fathers urged us to teach? Christianity is and has always been part of our American culture; but it is being pushed aside. To quote just two of our founding fa...

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