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Letter: NAFTA on steroids

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Would you rather live in America, with our God-given rights protected by our Constitution, or in the North American Union, a government comprised of Canada, America and Mexico, with a common currency, an open border and a panel of 30 unelected globalists, unaccountable to voters, committed to international law, who have the authority to make, change or implement laws we would live by?

We are close to the pathway that would take us there. It was the original plan for the globalists to merge each country individually to the United Nations. When that failed, the strategy became merging the countries into regional governments that can later be merged into the U.N.

That is where we are today. The once-independent nations in Europe are now merged into the European Union. The British realize this mistake they made in joining and want to get out. We are on the verge of passing the USMCA (merging America, Mexico and Canada), which would later become the North America...

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