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Letter: Ms. Putt, take all the time you need

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Congratulations Neena Putt for ‘filibustering’ VDOT at the March 26 Mathews Board of Supervisors meeting. Reminds me of Rand Paul filibustering Congress. Perhaps now VDOT will listen.

Two points: Ms. Putt pointed out the main crux of the problem—the training of VDOT employees digging the ditches. Yes, Mr. Hill (who wrote a letter of complaint), she is so right. I have wanted to complain for years about their, and their superiors’ incompetence, or stupidity as one reader several weeks ago stated in a letter to the editor.

1. Besides the road graders grading the middle of the road and leaving a pile of rocks on the cusp of the ditches, just to fall back into the ditches, that road grader also grades everything else. Come to our road and you will see many ‘beaver houses’ of pine needles blocking the water.

2. When the ditches are dug out, the sludge is also left on the cusp of the ditch, just to fall back into the ditc...

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