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Letter: Mr. Kiser, look to your own office first

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

He did not get all the money he asked for, so like the little boy who lost the game, took all his marbles and went home. Gloucester schools superintendent Ben Kiser, who did not get all the money he asked for, reverted to his old tactic and threatened to cut 15 or 20 positions. An excellent place to start is his own office.

Kiser’s entourage of 74 assistants is among the 25 highest salaried county employees. It would only be necessary to cut half as many positions to meet the shortage. Kiser rules by threat; his way or no way. After two years of wrangling, the first block of brick has not been laid. His leadership is self-serving. Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Paul J. Componation

Gloucester, Va.

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