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Letter: Mother, May I?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We played it as kids. Whether it was “Simon Says,” “Mother, May I?” or any game where we had to ask permission to do things, or we were punished by having to go back and start over. One would hope we are beyond that by now, but, apparently not. We seem insistent on getting permission from someone; government, parent, leader, or just a wannabe, to do the “right” thing. Is this new? Is it real? Should it be?

Our Constitution grants certain limited powers to the government. By our consent, it limits what governments may do. Generally, it does not tell the people what they may do. We can do whatever is not prohibited by law (U.S.). We are free to act within the law. Liberty! But oh, how much we lazily wish someone would just “tell us what to do!”

Politicians can make entire careers of telling us what to do. Many don’t want us to think for ourselves. How can they be in charge, if we are free to act outside their authority? It is a natural conflict. It is w...

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