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Letter: More truthful American history

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Critical Race Theory is not Marxist brainwashing of our children. It has no relationship to Chinese re-education methods. It is merely an opportunity for educators to teach more truthful American history.

Africans did not come to America on vacation. The truth is they were abducted and sold to slave ships, conveyed in disease-ridden holds and sold on American waterfronts like goats or mules.

Imagine you did not have any authority over yourself, that you could be separated from your partner and children and put on display and sold to a new master. Slavery was the white master’s way of getting free labor with little or no expense toward care and feeding of his workforce. Horrific atrocities were visited on slaves without any retribution for the owner’s actions.

This is the truth of our history and has been hidden for too long. Even though laws have freed Blacks from slavery and other laws have provided them with American freedoms, they are still cons...

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