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Letter: More than guns and mental illness

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Twenty-one people murdered again in cold blood by someone who was obviously mentally deranged. Nineteen of those were innocent children. To try to embrace the families of those that were murdered I thought, what if it were my own grandchildren, some of whom are in the same age group. But I quickly dismiss those thoughts because that pain, though distant from what the families of the slain must bear, is not what I can even imagine.

Automatic weapons have been around for many years and insanity much longer, so why in the past few decades has this been happening again and again? It’s something more than guns and more than crazy individuals. I believe a contributing factor (if not the root cause) could be our modern form of entertainment targeted for sale to our own children and adolescents, the very graphic and morbid video games.

While visiting someone I watched a young man of about 20 years old playing one of these. Graphic blood and gore as he played ...

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