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Letter: More on body parts

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Body parts history beyond anatomy is a timely perspective.

Terri Schlichenmeyer’s book review of the Petras’ “A History of the World Through Body Parts” (Dec. 8 The Bookworm) is a study platform.

Virginia’s once native son, Edgar Allen Poe, got us on the top of the pile with his “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

The review’s mentioned sidebars serve like a traditional scholar’s footnotes, whether arms-length transactions or questionable documents appearing to be “signed by our hands and sealed with our seals” are discussed in both headnotes and footnotes.

Returning to pre-Civil War Virginia, surely Sergeant Major of Artillery Poe gave orders to shoot the cannons prior to seeing the whites of enemies’ eyes.

To leave the sarcasm, at least until next year, and add a feature from earlier times, the pagan deity Aphrodite of aphrodisiac fame, has many statues of her. The statues establish that all young women handing out free pill samples at doctors’ offices ...

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