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Letter: More denial

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mr. Maggard wrote (again) telling us we write too much. His letter “Sea level rise concern overblown” (Readers Write Aug. 28) is as humorous as his hypocrisy about writing letters. It is evident that he also uses the old worn out deniers’ “arguments” to deny what is unfolding before our eyes.

Let’s start with a truism he states: “After all, the climate has been on a warming trend since the Little Ice Age.” Here in Virginia, anyone who follows our news should be up to date on this issue. Our last attorney general wasted large sums of our hard-earned tax money in a witch hunt that made us a laughingstock to the world. For those that do not remember, internationally acclaimed scientific work by Michael Mann showed that the “trend” to which Mr. Maggard refers took a drastic change at around the time of the industrial revolution. Mann’s work produced the now world famous (and widely verified) &ldquo...

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