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Letter: Monument vs The Green

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mathews, a microcosm of the nation, hosted a wonderfully raucous and spirited town hall. Passionate comments directed toward saving our “green space” upon which rests the revered historic monument and buildings, were great. As various speakers continued, however, it became obvious that a large portion within the group wearing “Save The Green” were more focused on the eventual removal of the monument.

The “Green Peace” movement worldwide sadly became an economically and environmentally destructive force for our nation and the world, reminding me of the bumper sticker “Green is the new Red.” So, when those calling for Mathews improved economic development and suggesting the monument being an impediment, one must wonder.

Although last year’s ballot referendum was overwhelmingly supportive of keeping the monument, it was non-binding. The option of drafting a new referendum will hopefully be considered with specific legal and binding considerations to pres...

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