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Letter: Mistake made at Mathews Market Days

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This year’s Mathews Market Days was another great success and Mr. Art Dubey deserves due appreciation for his work as chairman of the Market Days Committee. However, it is regretful that he chose the opening day ceremony to express his personal support for certain candidates in the upcoming election.

While all of us have a constitutional right of free speech, we also have the obligation to use discretion in how we use that right. In my opinion, an opening day ceremony for all citizens is not the appropriate time for such opinions from the chairman of the committee. This is especially true when a disparaging comment targets a candidate running for office.

Mr. Dubey was quoted as saying Sheriff Howlett’s opponent was across the street and not a part of Market Days. What does that mean? I was in three different political booths during Market Days. Does that mean I was not a part of Market Days? I think not. Mark Barrick was very much involved i...

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