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Letter: Misinformation surrounds Ultrasound Law

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As a woman, I would like to comment on the recently passed Ultrasound Law (Virginia HB462).

I first though want to clear up some misinformation:

1) An ultrasound or similar test is medically necessary before performing an abortion. Medical providers already use them to determine the precise location, age, and number of babies to be aborted. The new law simply offers women a chance to see her baby’s image; she can choose not to.

2) The ultrasound required is non-invasive. It’s a light touch on your stomach with a wand.

3) Taxpayers will not pay additional expenses for these ultrasounds. There is no state funding for them. Our federal government is already the major funder of most abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, and these tests are already performed. You can call Virginia Planned Parenthood today, and they will tell you that they always perform ultrasounds before abortions.

4) Men should be part of the dialogue. Men con...

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