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Letter: Misinformation abounds

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Here are some considerations about the situation at the Mexican/American border.

The onus of children being separated from their parents is on the parents.

Parents with children who come here legally at the places of entry seeking asylum are not separated.

It is the parents who come here illegally who were separated. They include repeat offenders with criminal records who would not be allowed to come in legally, otherwise they would do so.

Others are children being brought here by human traffickers and others with drug dealers using the children as pawns.

Misinformation abounds. For example, pictures of children in cages were taken years ago under Obama’s administration.

But the promoters still persist in their quest for an open border as if we would be capable of taking in all the millions of people throughout the world who want to live here. 

Then too, if we are to be consistent, if those who commit the crime of coming here illegally are no...

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