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Letter: Mending, moving forward

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With lives being needlessly taken, you’d think more people would want progressive change in our policing system. These young kids being killed in front of America’s eyes are descendants from the very slaves that built this country.

How insulting that is, when the people who have benefitted (mostly Southerners) have the least to say when it counts and when speaking up goes against the grain of their party beliefs. I don’t get it.

Regarding our elections, well there will always be mishaps and irregularities. You can’t expect such a broad system to be without fault. A perfect system it isn’t, but it’s the best we have as a nation to offer. The merits lay in full participation.

The tug of war that currently exists between the parties is a slap in the face of the people, who aren’t duly being represented. Our society is more diseased than ever and our politicians seem to have their own agenda. They’ve lost their way unfortunately.

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