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Letter: Member’ s commentaries were counterproductive

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Along with a large number of others, I attended the Mathews County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, March 26. I have attended these meetings in the past, although not on a frequent basis. What I witnessed was astounding.

One member of the board dominated the meeting, while the other members could not get a word in the discussions. She asked questions of speakers constantly. Some of the questions were beyond belief and redundant, such as questioning the qualifications and training of VDOT employees digging ditches.

Conservatively, these long-winded commentaries caused the meeting to go at least an hour longer than necessary. One board member tried to have these mundane discussions take place elsewhere, but to no avail; the lady was determined to have her say, regardless of the consequences.

Two observations are in order regarding the meeting: 1. The chairwoman should have taken control of the meeting and kept the discussion of this member in ch...

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