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Letter: Melissa Mason deserved a public apology

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

If you attended the July 25 Mathews Board of Supervisors’ meeting, or watched it online, or read the account in the July 27 issue of the Gazette-Journal, you will see why Melissa Mason was devastated and decided not to run again for the board. I and others still wish for a write-in campaign for Melissa, but for the good of the county, she has decided against this, but promises she will not quit. She is still “here and relevant,” a quote from her letter to the editor (“Broken-hearted decision,” July 6 Readers Write).

The person that instigated this untruthful fiasco should never be elected to our board of supervisors.

For some time, word on the street has been out there. It was never quiet or quickly disposed of. Word was she is divisive, she’s not effective (how could she be with all the turmoil of the past years). Next, she doesn’t live here (reminder: our county administrator doesn’t live here). Melissa misses meetings, and on and on. As one person,...

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