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Letter: Media consistently negative about South

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

For years, I have warned that Civil War history was on the verge of being erased. Many people say it is time and any affection for the Confederacy indicates you are a racist. I have learned it is a waste of time trying to argue that point, though, if you can provide documented facts, you can usually win the person over.

The media will always print a negative story about the South, the war, and they never grant us equal space or the courtesy of allowing a proper response. The media loves to write about our fringe element; someone misquoting historical data or claiming Afro-Americans were better off as slaves than free in their homeland. Usually our responses are delegated to the letters section, limited in space, and never allowed accompanying material.

If any other segment of society was talked about, made fun of or lied about, the media, the ACLU and churches would be dancing across the front page. You don’t have to move for me to prove my point, just...

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