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Letter: Media bias on display

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Media bias has been on display again this week with the non-stop coverage of separating children at our border. The media paints this as a Trump issue, when in fact it occurred frequently under the Obama administration and this objective media, this caring media, decided it wasn’t worth the coverage then. Notice how the more we investigate Russia collusion, more criminal acts get uncovered at the Obama FBI and “Just-Us” department and yes, the socialist (formerly democrat) party. Uh-oh, change message. Quick. Get off the subject.

This party wants to bestow constitutional rights to non-citizens while fighting constitutional rights of citizens, see second amendment. This is why the socialist party and their message is B.S., pure asinine.  

The “claim” of asylum can only be made at a point of entry. Not an illegal crossing. Asylum can only be sought in a bordering country, according to U.N. rules. You aren’t free to...

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