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Letter: Meals tax vote surfaces again in Mathews

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

They’re Baaack! Just like the script from the 1986 movie “Poltergeist,” the Mathews County Board of Supervisors (BOS) is back again with another attempt of imposing a meals tax on Mathews citizens.

Of course, the reasons today are presented in a different light than the reasons of 2014. Then it was “undefined needs,” now it is “unfunded mandates.” Unfunded Mandates! That sounds a lot scarier, and urgent, but the common denominator is today as it was back then; for what will the moneys be used? What are the requirements that necessitate additional taxes?

The Gazette-Journal reports that the County Administrator informs, “some upcoming big ticket items” … “and that’s not even talking about other improvements.” Uh, could we define those big tickets and “other improvements” a little more precisely?

“We’ll have go to after the real estate,” says a BOS mem...

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