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Letter: Mask doesn’t seem too much to ask

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I feel like this country is being overwhelmed by print and electronic media coverage of COVID-19. We see and read about it 24 hours a day. Nothing new is being reported regarding a cure or vaccine. We get detailed information regarding status in each state, information from unknown or heard of doctors giving their opinion of what we need to do to control spread of the virus, etc.

There is only one way to control the virus and that is to do what we have been advised to do for months—wear a mask, practice distancing, wash our hands, etc. But millions of us don’t do that. That doesn’t seem too much to ask, but for many it seems to be and for reasons I can’t understand. I also don’t understand why thousands, maybe millions, crowd the beaches and other aquatic resorts every weekend or holiday when they have to know it will only further spread the virus.

Is there any way these “non-believers” can be convinced to comply with prescribed practices to help this...

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