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Letter: Mask alternatives

Editor, Gazette-Journal:There have been several studies pertaining to the dangers of mask wearing by children. Unfortunately, the studies are promptly discarded as untrue, but common sense should tell us that forcing a child to cover their mouth and nose for six or more hours per day is detrimental to their physical, mental, emotional and educational well-being.

There have been instances of distraught mothers testifying at Gloucester County School Board meetings about the migraines, rashes, irritability and depression their children are experiencing by being forced to ingest stale, dirty air and possible pathogens from the mask itself. Is this willful child endangerment? See Virginia Code 18.2-371.1.

You can visit any store in Gloucester and see mask packages that most, if not all, have the same type of disclaimer: this mask does not prevent the wearer from contracting a dangerous disease … or … this mask is not for antiviral use or particulate filtration … or … if you have diff...

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