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Letter: Mark Barrick for sheriff

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With the announcement of his candidacy for Mathews County Sheriff in the March 31 Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal, Mark Barrick offers the citizens of Mathews an opportunity to have the caliber of local law enforcement we deserve.

Mark’s law enforcement experience and character would be a welcome change in leadership in the Mathews County Sheriff’s office. As a relative newcomer to Mathews, I voted for the current Sheriff, Danny C. Howlett, in the last election, simply because he was the incumbent. Please, don’t make my mistake by voting for the incumbent simply because of name recognition.

If you are not familiar with the candidates, learn about them both and compare. I know Mark Barrick to be personable, intelligent and well spoken. He can also be tough and take a stand on principle when necessary. He has a genuine commitment to serving the people of Mathews and a plan to implement once in office. With this level of experience, ch...

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