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Letter: Making a fortune…

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There once lived a person by the name of Marion O’Brien Donovan. She held not only 10 patents for products she had invented, but 20 patents! She was born on Oct. 15, 1917 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Here is a little information about her: After WWII, she was so unhappy with the repetitive, thankless and humdrum drudgery of changing her babies’ diaper, she knew she just had to invent a much better way of doing things. So, she did.

She developed something she called the first “waterproof diaper cover.” In the beginning, she had set out to eliminate just one major problem of diaper-changing, but she actually eliminated three or four simultaneously. Her new invention would not only keep the cribs and underwear of babies from constantly being wet or soiled, but her new invention would also be able to eliminate chafing, diaper rash or the use of any harmful safety pins … ever again. (What an invention!)

She called her new invention “The Boater.” And, in 1949...

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