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Letter: Majority’s wishes are being ignored

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As a taxpayer, teacher, and education association leader, I am distressed by what appears to be lack of appropriate representation on our Board of Supervisors. The citizens of Gloucester have overwhelmingly voiced their support of our schools and of lump sum funding.

I myself handed out 300 stickers to concerned taxpayers [to wear] showing their support for lump sum funding the last time this issue was discussed. The fact that one supervisor with an axe to grind with the schools manages to drum up enough support on the board should not change a system supported by the taxpayers of this county. I have listened time and again as Ms. (Michelle) Ressler and Mr. (Gregory) Woodard claim that they have heard from citizens who support categorical funding and who share their view. I don’t doubt that. There’s always someone out there who’ll agree with an idea. The point is, not enough people support it to justify the change.

Unfortunately, no ma...

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