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Letter: Majority are for war memorial

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In Lara Jaeger’s letter (“Public land should benefit all,” Sept. 8 Readers Write), she wrote “public land should be used for the public to benefit the entire community. If you agree with me, you need to voice your opinion to the Board of Supervisors … I know the majority feels this way.”

So, unless it was a typo and she was trying to say “I know the minority feel this way,” I must correct her, because 80 percent voted for the war memorial, 20 percent against. This leads me to believe that the majority is for the war memorial, the minority against.

Secondly, she stated, “I am a been-here. My father is a been-here. His parents were been-heres. Their parents were been-heres. All his cousins are been-heres.” The term “been-here” means you’ve moved here and have been here for a long time. Unless each one of you were born elsewhere and moved here, it sounds like most of you are natives; the term “native” means you were born here. Just stating facts.


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